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It's time to reclaim your health

Whether it is chronic pain, an auto-immune disease, unrelenting tiredness, or digestive troubles...
The chances are that you are suffering from or on your way to a health crash or BURNOUT
Clare has helped hundreds of people recover from and prevent burnout to reclaim their health.
There are simple and practical strategies that can empower you to transform your lifestyle, body, mindset and health for lasting change.
Making the right changes for YOU in your diet, lifestyle and mindset can change the trajectory of your life and get you back on the path to high achievement.
Restore your health - recover your edge.
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What does it take to be your best?

It's not just the way you EAT.... but it helps

You can overcome the difficulties of health issues and of managing life's hurdles only if you are eating right for your needs. 

Beyond not eating junk - you have very individual nourishment needs. You owe it to yourself to find out what they are.

It's not just the way you THINK.... but it helps

Your own inner voice can spur you on and be your greatest ally or be the saboteur of all your best laid plans.

Awareness of your thoughts and emotions can allow you to be the master of your destiny and take back control of creating your future.

It's not just the way you MOVE.... but it helps

Exercise lots or a little? Heavy or light? Fast or slow. Your needs are as unique as you are.

Do you put off exercise because of pain and fatigue? You might be missing a step - exercise can reduce pain and build energy - when you do the right kind.

1-2-1 Health Coaching

Coaching is your vehicle to set yourself goals, brainstorm, learn, and actually take that all important action to restore your health.

It is a non-judgemental environment where you can finally have space from the chaos of life and work to think, feel and being to take the steps you know you need to take to feel like yourself again.

"8 months on from seeing Clare, the changes to my life are immeasurable. I feel rested, I have re-prioritised, I am happy, I know how to eat clean, without ever denying myself food or feeling guilty about eating. My family life has improved, my work life balance is back on track and I am content."


Individual daily lifestyle habits

Your needs are as individual as you are.

Your day, your diet, habits, mindset, activity and goals should reflect your needs and your uniqueness.

Don't be one of the sheeple with the latest one-fits-all fad.

Find out, then live in tune with your personal blueprint.

Only then will you find your edge.


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