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Did a nasty bug steal Christmas ?

With so many people being hit with viruses and coughs and infections over Christmas there is plenty of talk about how ill health really gets in the way of enjoying the good things in life.

Ever wonder why it always strikes you down on your holidays?......

Hint: It's not the bug - it's the body!

Yep - you heard me - don't blame an increase in the bacteria, viruses and microbes that in reality surround us every day.  Ever wonder why some folks get sick, and some don't?


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What are you chasing?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2017

We spend time chasing

We spend energy flitting from one thing to another

Do you feel like you are working so hard but not really creating what you want

Here's 3 things to do
1) Know what you want
2) Know why you want it
3) Be clear about what you need to do to create it

Number 1 - takes QUIET - it takes INTROSPECTION and getting in touch with your desires - no matter how outlandish or uncool ;)

Number 2 - takes CONNECTION - to yourself, to the relationships you have and to the things that light...

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Why was my own body attacking my thyroid?

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2016

Natalie's Story

I was in a terrible way

This time last year I was in a terrible way. I'd been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a decade before and whilst I had many symptoms they were mostly manageable. Until I deteriorated very quickly and found myself having heart palpitations, which eventually led to panic attacks. I had difficulty breathing. I was exhausted. My whole body hurt. I was gaining weight.  I was covered in rashes. I had awful brain fog and a very short fuse, which wasn't like...

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"If I can do it, hundreds of people can do it!"

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2016


9 years ago Stuart Wilde came to me with a chronic bad back.  His secretary at work had been telling him to come and get it looked at for months, but work was busy and he kept putting it off.  Finally his back was interfering in his daily life so much he couldn’t put it off any longer.

Little did either of us know that 9 years down the line he would have changed his health, fitness and lifestyle so much.  Stuart loves to point out that when our paths first crossed...

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9 Simple and Powerful Strategies from Top Yoga Guru on Avoiding Burnout

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2016

I had an incredible weekend studying with David Swenson - Ashtanga Yoga Guru with decades of experience in practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga.  

He talked about

  • practice moderation
  • use patience
  • it's a marathon not a sprint
  • not getting injured by listening and responding to your body
  • experiencing the feeling of doing yoga not the outcome of the posture
  • there's no need to try too hard
  • being efficient
  • breath deep from a rooted base
  • and engage in regular mindful practice of what...
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Are You Not Doing Well Enough?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2016

 THAT feeling! Rushed, busy, inadequate, failing. Familiar?

Such an easy trap to fall into - BEATING OURSELVES UP, telling ourselves we aren't good enough, how everyone else is coping better, how much we are not managing to do in this hectic, fast paced life of ours.

Well what if YOU ARE ENOUGH? Today and everyday? I believe in you!! HARD TO BELIEVE?

You are part of this incredible Tribe - WE ARE all going through the same stuff. Some days you feel like you are crushing it. Other days...

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How Incredible Are You?

Uncategorized May 31, 2016

No matter how life seems today - busy, promising, bleak, unrewarding or bursting with potential - PLEASE PAY ATTENTION - to the incredible person that you are.

TRUST your intuition, your creativity and your courage. YOU ARE more POWERFUL than you know.

I believe in you!

LIKE and SHARE this post so all those who have briefly forgotten how incredible they are - can remember today, and EMBRACE THEIR POWER.

#ourtribe #claresmithourtribe #humanracenotarace #ibelieveinyou #enlargeyourdreams...

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Whose Race Is It Anyway?

Uncategorized May 30, 2016

How often do you get that feeling that THERE'S ALWAYS SO MUCH TO DO and there's NOT ENOUGH TIME to do it and you need to hit every achievement ASAP and you will lose out if you don't FLOG YOURSELF to do it?

I think I've lived most of my life like I was let out the gate by a starter pistol!!

I didn't so much feel like I was in competition with other people, it was more that I felt like if I wasn't going FULL SPEED, FULL FOCUS, FULL SACRIFICE - then I wasn't WORTHY of all the GOOD THINGS, I was...

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Could You Be Right?

Uncategorized May 29, 2016

What if today you DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF?

I realised I was asking myself 'But what if I'm wrong?' far too often. That question of uncertainty was preventing me from making decisions, being confident, it created ANXIETY and SELF-DOUBT, FEAR and STAGNATION.

Consciously switching the question to 'What if I'm right?' feels completely different. TRY IT!

It's still a question. It still has uncertainty. BUT - it also possesses POSSIBILITY, POTENTIAL, HOPE - and the chance you might miss out on...

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