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Why sort your gut first?

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2018

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Metabolic Crud - Is this toxic accumulation driving your inflammation?



Here's another key bit of info you need to know if you are trying to overcome inflammation of any kind.  First, sort out the foundations, live right in the first place and know how to find and address the root causes to enjoy less pain and more life!

Metabolic crud

Metabolic crud is the waste product of all our metabolic processes.  Cellular metabolism happens billions of times per second.  A cell uses a substance, takes what it...

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Inflamma bugs - Do you have uninvited guests causing you pain?



Gut dysbiosis

Find out how gut dysbiosis might be at the root of your pain and inflammation.

Dysbiosis means an imbalance of gut flora.  We are are a host to trillions of 'other'.  What that means is that areas like our gut and skin are home to a wide variety of bacteria.  In fact tens of trillions of organisms of over 10,000 species outnumbering human cells 10:1

We have 3 types





Some of...

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Quell inflammation - What's driving yours?


This week I'm going to do a daily series all about how to address and overcome different causes of inflammation.

Symptoms of inflammation include pain, dysfunction, swelling, adaptive changes in tissues and organs, fatigue, mood changes, bleeding, water retention and so much more..

It is good to remember that inflammation is part of the body's natural reaction to damage and infection - its function is PROTECTIVE.

However, when the immune system is not...

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Health building 101 - It's like baking a cake!


Sometimes it can be so frustrating that health issues involve so many changes and tweaks to get a result. 

We have grown up in a culture where we see the GP, get a diagnosis and a medicine.

Or we take the car to the garage and get a part replaced.

Our expectation then is that problems have A single solution.

Buuuuuuuut it is more helpful to think about it like baking a cake.

Here's how that applies to the SIX STEPS™  

According to Good...

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Boost your energy 3 part mini series - Part 1


KIDDING! Of course - but isn't that the way we have adopted to boost our energy, our focus, our drive, or prop us up when we feel sad?

No judgement here - I can demolish a packet of Salted Kettle Chips in as much time as it takes to say - energy drain - hey no-one is perfect.

But it is worth bearing in mind that 90% of the time there are some positive actions you can take that boost your energy in a healthful way INSTEAD.

Check out part 1 of 3...

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5 Ways to Boost Adrenal Function and Recover from Fatigue


Your adrenal glands are your body's responders to STRESS! 

Whatever stress you are experiencing: 


Emotional: grief, heartbreak, excitement, fear, 

Physical: exercise, pain, chemical burden, wrong foods, parasites

Mental: being under pressure, having too much work to do, worry

Spiritual: guilt, conflicting values, sense of purpose and meaning 

Stress is cumulative - it ADDS UP, so you might have a little stress from a few...

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Did a nasty bug steal Christmas ?

With so many people being hit with viruses and coughs and infections over Christmas there is plenty of talk about how ill health really gets in the way of enjoying the good things in life.

Ever wonder why it always strikes you down on your holidays?......

Hint: It's not the bug - it's the body!

Yep - you heard me - don't blame an increase in the bacteria, viruses and microbes that in reality surround us every day.  Ever wonder why some folks get sick, and some don't?


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What are you chasing?

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2017

We spend time chasing

We spend energy flitting from one thing to another

Do you feel like you are working so hard but not really creating what you want

Here's 3 things to do
1) Know what you want
2) Know why you want it
3) Be clear about what you need to do to create it

Number 1 - takes QUIET - it takes INTROSPECTION and getting in touch with your desires - no matter how outlandish or uncool ;)

Number 2 - takes CONNECTION - to yourself, to the relationships you have and to the things that light...

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Why was my own body attacking my thyroid?

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2016

Natalie's Story

I was in a terrible way

This time last year I was in a terrible way. I'd been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a decade before and whilst I had many symptoms they were mostly manageable. Until I deteriorated very quickly and found myself having heart palpitations, which eventually led to panic attacks. I had difficulty breathing. I was exhausted. My whole body hurt. I was gaining weight.  I was covered in rashes. I had awful brain fog and a very short fuse, which wasn't like...

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