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Your health crash might feel physical, mental and/or emotional.

If you feel constantly stressed, anxious, or emotional, have chronic pain, foggy brain, unrelenting tiredness or digestive or hormone symptoms - it can feel like you are at a dead end with no help ...

After being stuck in a cycle of health crashes and repeating the same mistakes over and over Clare sought solutions from leading experts worldwide in natural healing, functional medicine, nutrition and personal development.

Armed with these new insights, from ancient wisdom to cutting edge knowledge, Clare created an integrated SIX STEPS™ model with a holistic perspective to help others to learn how to recover too.

Clare has helped hundreds of people reclaim their life, to help them feel like themselves again and get their health and wellbeing back on track.

SIX STEPS™ programs are simple, practical and individualised strategies that can empower you to transform your lifestyle, body, mindset and health for lasting change.

Clare offers 1-2-1 Coaching and Online Transformation Programs

I Was Only Chasing Symptoms

It took me longer that I hope it will take you - to realise that there was another way to achieve a life without pain, fatigue, raging hormonal symptoms, brain fog, bloating and depression.

Expecting the cure - I went from cutting out this food or that food, hoping it would be the ‘fixing’ I needed. I did intolerance tests - I cut out foods, I felt better for a while - then retested - I had NEW intolerant foods - I cut out those foods and the cycle repeated.  

I was putting effort in and not finding the magic cure I was hoping for.  
After trying the next GREAT supplement for this symptom and that symptom, after feeling like I was on a WILD GOOSE CHASE with the next wonder supplement, or bio-hack I realised THE TRUTH!

In order to HAVE HEALTH you have to BUILD HEALTH!

 NOT chase round for the rest of your life after the symptoms. 

Finding the path to do this has been the most enlightening and liberating journey of my life.

 I can’t believe how practical, common sense and effective the solution has been to understanding my body and achieving an energised, strong, lean body, balanced hormones, great digestion and a happy life.

There are so many women, (and men) STUCK, CONFUSED and STRUGGLING.  

It breaks my heart to know that if they don’t stop chasing symptoms they will be running (or eventually crawling) after them for the rest of their lives.

My mission is to SIMPLIFY and GUIDE YOU with everything you need to begin to understand your body, its messages and KNOW EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve the same results in my SIX STEPS™ Program, and finally BUILD HEALTH.

The results my clients and students get using the SIX STEPS make my day - every day!
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