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Why I do what I do

In 2002 I started out as a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer and have evolved into a multi-faceted Health Coach and Natural Medicine Practitioner.  I am proud to have helped many clients, and their families improve their health, their outlook and their lives along the way.

My own journey began when I experienced difficulties with my own health, digestive problems, mood ups and down, hormonal/PMS symptoms and significant fatigue.  I took courses, ran tests, and saw specialists both Allopathic and Holistic.  I learned from them all. 

The 'how to be healthy' literature was huge - and conflicting, and very confusing!

I'm a curious person and I love to clear away the mystery and get down to the nuts and bolts so I can identify what the best action is, that is simple and practical.  Through this approach I began healing my own body and changing my mindset.  I found that I could help my existing clients in more ways with this new information and the changes they were able to make were inspiring.

Over time, I have developed an extensive toolbox of techniques from NLP and Life-Coaching to Nutritional Therapy, CHEK Principles, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.  I love seeing people take back the responsibility for their bodies and make lasting positive changes in their whole lives.

I crafted the SIX STEPS™ to provide structure and simplicity to anyone wanting to walk the often complicated and sometimes confusing path to rebuilding their health.

I have a successful coaching practice in North Yorkshire in the UK and consult Worldwide using video.  I offer one-to-one coaching, online courses, health immersion retreats, video resources and absolutely love speaking to educate and inspire.


Registered Naturopath with the General Naturopathic Council (GNC)

Registered Herbalist with the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH)

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN)

Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser (CMTA) including Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 (CHEK Institute)

CHEK Practitioner Level I (CHEK Institute)

Certified NLP and HNLP Master Practitioner, Life-coach and Timeline Therapist

Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy (Premier Global)

CrossFit Level I Coach

Black Belt in Kickboxing (Aegis KBC)

BA(Hons) Interdisciplinary Human Studies (University of Bradford)

Masters Degree in Philosophy (Reading University)" async="">