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How to work with Clare

Please fill out this contact form by clicking here to book a FREE 10-15minute chat to find out if Clare is the right person to guide you.

Clare is an expert in Holistic Health And Wellbeing.

Her unique and extensive training is matched only by a handful of others in the UK.  Her knowledge of Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Sports Therapy, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Biomechanics, CHEK Holistic Health Coaching, Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) enables her to offer a truly holistic approach to you as you face your health challenges.

Only by addressing yourself as a whole can you make truly lasting changes.

Clare is able to offer bespoke health advice, tailored to you the person, to empower you to change your Lifestyle, Nutrition, Mindset and uses Bodywork and Herbs to augment the changes you make.

There are 2 options to work with Clare

1. Health Coaching:

All Coaching clients are guided through a 12 week foundation program.  The first 2 hours allow us to go deeply into your health, history and agree the outcome you are working towards. 

Packed full of essential information you will use for a lifetime.

Your program is individualised and you are carefully coached and guided to help you make the biggest impact on your health in the shortest time and in a sustainable way.

Investment: £750

All sessions must be used within 14 weeks.  This is essential to maximise the effectiveness and the successful outcome of your program.


1x 2hour initial consultation

Vedapulse Testing - highly sensitive Heart Rate Variability based assessment which reveals patterns of dysfunction and overall state.

6x fortnightly hour long sessions - in person, by video or phone call.

Summary and action follow up notes after sessions

Handouts, worksheets, videos, cheat sheets and resources to make applying suggestions easier

All suggested advice and information resources

Membership to the Facebook Group Community

Weekly feedback and check-ins

Access to support by email and text support during the program

On completion of the Foundation Course, if required, follow ups are usually 30minutes long.

2. Bodywork/Holistic Sports Therapy

a. 60minute Initial Consultation, includes assessment and treatment. £85

b. Follow ups:

EITHER book single 30minute follow ups £45 per 30minutes

OR book in blocks of 4 sessions: £160 (4x £40)

c. Regular Clients: There are a limited number of 60 minute maintenance appointments, which are only available to committed regular clients. £75 

Please note that Clare only accepts clients to work with who are ready and who are willing to commit to the process.

Please fill out this contact form by clicking here to book a FREE 10-15minute chat to find out if Clare is the right person to guide you." async="">